Introduction to Synth Programming on the Daisy Seed

Duration 59 m 14 s


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Introduction to Synth Programming on the Daisy Seed

About Course

Welcome to our beginners' course! Here, we'll explore the basics of synthesis and Arduino programming using the Daisy Seed microcontroller. In the course, we will design a subtractive synthesizer with two types of oscillators: one you can hear, and another for modulation. We'll also integrate a creamy Moog-style filter to get that massive bass and leads sound.

In the process, we will learn the basics of Arduino programming and how to program the controls on the Simple PCB board, knobs and switches. We'll also uncover the secrets of mapping values effectively, tailoring them to fit our creative design.

Course content

videoCourse IntroductionFree
videoCourse resources, Arduino Code & Simple Synth DIY Kit Manual Start
videoArduino Code Download Link Start
videoProject Diagram Start
videoDaisy Seed Setup and Install - Arduino, Daisy & STM324 m 27 s Start
videoUnderstanding Subtractive Synthesis12 m 53 sFree
videoDaisyDuino Program Overview10 m 14 s Start
videoDaisyDuino Initial Setup6 m 16 s Start
videoThe Audio Engine - DaisyDuino Audio Callback5 m 27 s Start
videoThe Synth Setup - DaisyDuino Setup Function7 m 12 s Start
videoThe Synth Controls - Arduino Loop Function3 m 58 s Start
videoValue Mapping8 m 47 s Start
videoValue Mapping Ep.02 Start
Roey Tsemah

Roey Tsemah

Course Instructor


Roey is a product designer and musician. Roey founded Synthux Academy in 2021 with the goal of empowering musicians to design their own instruments. For the past decade, Roey has been teaching interactive product design, focusing on sound and light in various academies in the Netherlands.


  • Holistic design
  • Human-centered design
  • Product design
  • User interface