Introduction to String synthesis (Karplus-Strong)


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Introduction to String synthesis (Karplus-Strong)

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DSP engineer Nick Donaldson from Infrasonic Audio takes us through the fundamentals of Karplus-Strong synthesis. Learn how to design your own string emulation using delay and tiny noise bursts!

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Nick Donaldson

Nick Donaldson

DSP Engineer, Music Technologist

Course Instructor

As a lifelong musician who has been writing, producing, and performing music in some capacity for over twenty years, music and audio are a fundamental part of who I am. I’m deeply passionate about creating music tech because I use music tech every day.

My academic and professional background encompasses music, technology, and product engineering. I have degrees in Electrical Engineering and Music Technology, combined with years of experience in C++, Digital Signal Processing, native iOS apps, and creative technology. I have also spent over decade working as a professional software engineer on product-focused teams which has given me ample experience building and delivering solid products.